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D3Y Infra was started by a team of dharmic people headed by its Managing Director Sri. Anand K. Reddy, a Civil engineer and a postgraduate in Structural Engineering. Mr.Reddy is also an MD of M/s.Engineers CADD Centre Pvt Ltd, India’s first and single largest CAD solution provider since 1994. ECC has trained over 1.2 lakh Engineers from over 10 countries and provided software solutions to over 500 companies, including state and central government departments and Engineering colleges pan India. Mr Anand Reddy has 30 years of expertise in the analysis and design of High rise structures using STAAD, SAP & ETABS.

He is also a Director at Bhagawat Gita Foundation for Vedic Studies which is working on a mission of taking Gita Gyan to over 50% of the world’s population under the chairmanship of Sri.Chalasani Bala Ramayya.

A word from our M.D.: I helped many of my friends multiply their assets by suggesting lands at strategic locations that are fit for holding apartments or villas within 10 years of investment. I have witnessed that a mere 5 lakhs investment on land in the year 2012, has yielded 20 to 200 times returns in 10 years in all the areas around Shankarpally. I always emphasise that the middle class should always be on high alert and aim for doubling their investment once in 3 years. Hence I named the company d3yinfra – Anand Reddy, MD., d3yinfra.

D3y housing project at Shankarpally: Mr Reddy understood that the demand will continue in Shankarpally for another 20 years with the kind of developments stated on the home page of this website.  So, he has resolved to start the first D3Y project around Mehtabkhanguda. He also opines that the city centre will move rapidly from Hussainsagar Lake to Gandipet Lake as a result of the lifting of GO 111 and over 1 lakh acres falling under the free zone. 

The motivation behind D3Y Infra? After helping many of his friends, more and more people started requesting Mr Reddy to get some land that would give them good returns. This motivated him to institutionalize the same and help middle-class people who are facing extreme psychological pressure in this country. He has added a housing concept to enable small investors to join hands and invest in a larger pool of land.  Later, he resolved to add Vedic wisdom also to enable the community members to have a blissful life.  D3Y is now geared up to help the distressed middle-class across 300 cities all over India. After doing the first project at Shankarpally Mr Reddy will automate the process where everyone can form small groups and buy suitable land all by themselves which will result in getting them a flat free of cost in 10-12 years. 

“We will be happy to make changes in our EMI Free Housing Methodology if anyone can suggest better than what we have proposed. Our goal is to enable the middle class to have their place in the Mega gated townships along with creating Global Citizenship with Gita Wisdom. One may document their suggestions and WhatsApp us at 8520-933-9338”. _ M.D. D3yInfra.

Video on EMI-Free Housing

Video on Sandalwood Farming

What to prefer among Investing in EMI Free Housing & Sandalwood Farmland?

“Investment in EMI Housing for a 1600 sft Flat will cost anywhere between 10-14 lakhs. If we assume your investment to be 12 lakhs, you can get a 1600 sft Flat worth about Rs.15000/- per sft in 12 years. That means you would get an asset worth 2.4 crores. Now, coming to investment on Sandalwood farmland, if you invest 10 lakhs on 1/2 acre with 200 plants it gives you 6 crores and 12 crores from 18 lakhs investment on a 1-Acre land with 400 plants in 15 years. If you have ready money, you can get 1-Acre sandalwood farmland for just 15 lakhs from which you are most likely to get 12 crores in 15 years. With this money, one can buy a flat worth 3 crores in a gated community. So, we from d3yInfra recommend customers invest in sandalwood farmland over Housing when they cannot invest in both.”  – Anand Reddy, M.D. D3yInfra.

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