Cooperative Housing and Sandalwood Farming Solutions

Buying a House is next to impossible!

People were able to buy independent houses and flats comfortably till the year 2000 when the prices are around Rs.1500/- per sqft. Later, because of a drastic surge in land prices, things gradually deteriorated shattering the dreams of the middle-class people. Currently, in cities, villas are priced between 2 to 10 crores and flats are priced between 60 to 200 lakhs. At these prices, it is extremely difficult even for highly educated people doing white-collar jobs to buy a home. Even if one manages to pay 15-25% as margin money, it is very difficult to pay the monthly EMI (50k to 150k) as this will be almost equal to their salary.

Sadly, middle-class housing is not a priority for the government. In some states, where the 2BHK flat schemes are being implemented, they are mostly offered to the workers and goons of the ruling political party. Lack of assets, lack of own house, and unbearable monthly EMIs will not only cause severe stress but also leads to strained family relationships, blame game between family members, stressed children, disharmony in society, increased health issues, and many more.

To address this problem, D3Y Infra came out with a solution that can be adopted if a reasonable number of people approach us concurring with our plan. We have presented the solution in detail throughout this website for your understanding. We made a foolproof plan with which the middle class who can never dream of buying a flat can get a flat in a gated community worth over Rs.15000/- per sft by investing Rs.850/- per sft on commercial land in areas with the highest growth rate. In addition to the EMI-Free Housing, we present you with a RISK-FREE METHOD of earning 12-24 crores in 15 years by investing in 1-Acre sandalwood farmland.

All you have to do is – “Spend 1-2 days on our website and understand the concept of cooperative farming and cooperative housing. If you have any doubts and wish to get a return call from our Investment Advisors, please fill in this form [ PICK HERE ]. You may also walk in directly to our office from 11 am – 6 pm on working days and 11 am – 1 pm on Sundays. We advise you to please watch all the VIDEOS from our M.D. on our YouTube channel before asking us any doubts or before meeting us in person. Treat D3yInfra as your Digital parent and you know well that parents will always give the best advice to their children. This is the only real estate consulting firm in India that works with 15-20% margins and gives all the benefits to the Investor.


We have two services for smart people as listed below. We request everyone to please read this website and understand how cooperative EMI Free housing and cooperative sandalwood farming benefits you.

  1. Get your own house without any EMI @ 5% of its cost: This is for the people who can never buy a house with today’s prices and cannot pay EMIs equal to their salary. [Call Reshma on 8520-933-933]
  2. Sandalwood farms: Invest 6 to 24.2 lakhs on 20 cents to 1 Acre farm land with 80 – 400 sandalwood trees that will give you returns in 15 years @ 3 to 6 lakhs per tree. [Call Dr.Nandini on 88852-31068]

After reading the website and watching our videos given on this website, if you feel that D3y can make a difference in your life, please meet our advisors at our office at Ameerpet, Hyderabad.


Why Shankarpally / Mehtabkhanguda area?

Shankarpally is the only area in the two Telugu states which has recorded the highest growth in the past 10 years. It has grown from Gandipet to Shankarpally through Kollur and Mokila in between. While the city grows at a pace of 1km every year, this has grown at the rate of 2.5km every year, probably the highest in the country. Nowhere can we see 25km growth in 10 years.

What made us decide on this area?

(1) After the announcement of Mobility Valley (12km after Mehtabkhanguda at Yankatala village) which aims to create 5 lakhs jobs with 50,000 crores investment, (2) After the announcement of IT Sez (on 640 acres) in Kollur, (3) After the commencement of Multi Commodity Logistic Park at Shankarpally, (4) After Radial road 7 (RR7) getting completed soon which touches the Shankarpally town starting from Tellapur crossing the ORR, (5) after commencement of Medha Rail Coach Factory works (The biggest private rail coach building unit in India) in Kondakal, (6) after major construction companies such as Phoenix, NCC, Incor, Lean Infra, Reddy Labs, GVK, Appolo, Mayfair, and many other leading infrastructure firms pooling over 5000 acres of land bank between Mehtabkhaguda and Mominpet, (7) after commencement of over 10 premium villa projects around Mehtabkhanguda, (8) after many international educational institutions coming up in this area, (9) after completing the 4 lane road from Gandipet to Shankarpally, (10) and after lifting of GO111 which makes the city centre shift from Ameerpet to Mokila (South West) by 2035, we have firmly decided that Shankarpally is “THE BEST” area for our EMI Free Housing Project. To see more details about the growing demand in this area, please see all the short videos given on the next page of this website. 

Expected price benefits in Short Term (2 years) and Long Term (10 years).

Mehtabkhanguda is expected to have the highest demand no sooner after RRR gets completed, as it comes so close to it. North RRR work has already commenced and the south work is likely to commence in 2024 and most likely to get completed in 8 years. The prices at Mehtabkhanguda after RRR gets completed are expected to grow from 4 cr per acre current price to 30cr per acre in 2031. 

One should also know that Radial Road 7 (RR7) which started at Tellapur touches ORR Exit-2 and lands directly at Shankarpally. The work got 75% completed and is expected to complete in another 1 year. The work from Kondakal to Shankarpally are pending and the work is going on at a rapid pace now. The prices at Mehtabkhanguda after RR7 gets fully functional will grow from 4 cr per acre current price to 8 cr per acre (In just 2 years). 

100% Involvement of D3yInfra in EMI Free Housing will be only for a maximum of 20 acres in the Shankarpally area.

We intend to have a total of 20 acres of Vedic township in this area. We wish to start with 150 people on 5 Acres at Mehtabkhanguda. The current land prices around Mehtabkhanguda are around 4 crores per acre. These prices will keep increasing in tandem with the pace and progress of RR7.

After completing this 20 acres project at shankarpally, we will automate the process where a group of people from any city or town across India can implement the same – all by themselves. D3yinfra has taken the full burden onto itself right from Identifying proper land, Securing the land with a compound wall, 24×7 Security, CC Cams, Formation of society, Registration, NALA conversion and finally handing over the entire land parcel to the Association. The balance work is waiting for 8 years and giving the same to a builder for development.

So, to set an example for others and showcase the same to middle-class Indians who have never-ending doubts, D3yInfra has taken up this project right from site selection to handing over the site to the members. Whereas, in the next projects, the investors have to form a group, register a cooperative housing society and do everything all by themselves right from searching for proper land, investing in the same, securing the same, waiting for a certain period, finding a good developer, involving Gita University (Foundation) to design the Vedic township along with the Architect, and seeing that every investor gets a flat.  

Who should utilize our services?

  • People who wish to invest in commercial land that can 100% accommodate apartments in the coming 8-12 years.
  • People who cannot afford to buy a flat at today’s price of Rs.10000/- to Rs.15000/- per sqft in gated communities.
  • People who cannot pay huge monthly EMIs for 25-30 years.
  • People who are keen to live in a traditional Vedic community where children will be taught, Bhagavad Gita. (Note: In all the communities which D3y Infra promotes, the developer will allocate a few flats and a large hall to teach life lessons from Bhagavad Gita to the people within the community). 
  • Positive-minded and Optimistic people who believe that they can get 3 to 6 lakhs from each sandalwood tree in 15 years. 

Community Township Plan for an Understanding

  • Land: 180 sq. yards *
  • Flat area: 1800 sft Flat
  • Price: Rs.10,000/- per sqy.
  • Discount: Rs.1500/- per sqy.
  • Cost after discount: Rs.15.3 lakhs.
    * With this land, one can get a flat free.
  • Land: 160 sq. yards *
  • Flat area: 1600 sft Flat
  • Price: Rs.10,000/- per sqy.
  • Discount: Rs.1,500/- per sqy.
  • Cost after discount: Rs.13.6 lakhs.
    * With this land, one can get a flat free.
  • Land: 140 sq. yards *
  • Flat area: 1400 sft Flat
  • Price: Rs.10,000/- per sqy.
  • Discount: Rs.1,500/- per sqy.
  • Cost after discount: Rs.11.9 lakhs.
    * With this land, one can get a flat free.
  • Land: 120 sq. yards *
  • Flat area: 1200 sft Flat
  • Price: Rs.10,000/- per sqy.
  • Discount: Rs.1,500/- per sqy.
  • Cost after discount: Rs.10.2 lakhs.
    * With this land, one can get a flat free
  • Land: 100 sq. yards *
  • Flat area: 1000 sft Flat
  • Price: Rs.10,000/- per sqy.
  • Discount: Rs.1,500/- per sqy.
  • Cost after discount: Rs.8.5 lakhs.
    * With this land, one can get a flat free.
  • Land: 80 sq. yards *
  • Flat area: 800 sft Flat
  • Price: Rs.10,000/- per sqy.
  • Discount: Rs.1,500/- per sqy.
  • Cost after discount: Rs.6.8 lakhs.
    * With this land, one can get a flat free.
  • Gita Bhavan, Star hotel
  • Supermarket, Restaurant
  • School for human excellence
  • Hospital, Clinic, Diagnostics
  • Music Academy, Kuchipudi classes
  • Chess coaching, karate classes etc
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