Cooperative Housing and Sandalwood Farming Solutions

Meeting fees of Rs.2000/-:

D3Y Infra is instituting a refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of registrations as digital payments are becoming more frequent. D3Y Infra expects that all people will exercise due care and diligence while making their registrations for meeting at cities other than Hyderabad. D3Y Infa also recognises that a registration may be made erroneously or people may change their minds.

D3Y Infra will examine each request for a refund of registration fees and endeavour to make the refund. D3Y Infra may also seek further information/documents and customers must cooperate in this regard.

Refund of Booking amount:

The booking amount of Rs.10,000/- is non-refundable.

EMI-Free Housing amount:

We have introduced this policy to enable people to alter their decision at any time and to meet any medical emergency needs of the investors. Investors may also watch the developments in the area after 12 months and reassess their decision. 

  1. Investors will be given 12 months to review their decision and we honour their decision with all respect. 
  2. 100% amount will be refunded within 3 months of any such applications without any deductions or questions. 
  3. D3yinfra will refund the full amount without adding any interest for the members if they withdraw from being a member of the society.  
  4. Refunds will be entertained anytime from the 13th month onwards and not before that.
  5. D3yInfra will buy the membership and will either retain it in its name or may sell it to the wait list people.
  6. A member cannot sell his ownership of the undivided share of land at his own will.
  7. There shall be no refund if any person invests through any real estate agents and this is applicable to people who approach us directly.

Sandalwood Farms booking amount: 

We shall refund 100% amount (Either Rs.10,000/- or Rs.1,00,000/-) after we announce the land location details to the people who make their booking before the launch. There shall be no refunds for people who make their payment after the launch. They may sell the plot allocated to them with the prior approval of the farm owners association. 

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All decisions of D3yInfra in this regard will be final and binding on the people who register for services from D3Y Infrastructures Pvt Ltd.

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