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Can a home alone give peace? 

We opine that having material assets and a luxurious living with no understanding of the mechanics of life is as good as a mentally retarded person having a 6 pack body.  We all know that comforts and luxuries are increasing day by day while the happiness index is drastically going down all over the world. This has made us blend material comforts with Vedic wisdom which gives us the awareness of our true selves.

So, mere building world-class infrastructure and keeping the people like zombies cannot create good societies.  We see extreme behaviour and intolerance among people based on various fictitious sectarian attributes like race, religion, nationality, caste, language etc.  So, D3Y in association with Gita Foundation intend to blend community living with Gita wisdom and make people live in peace and harmony.

How Gita wisdom can give peace?

In Bhagawat Gita, it is up to the individual to choose the form or Formlessness of God. This plurality of worship is the true spirit of God which should be endorsed by all civilized nations for a peaceful living. But it is so sad that such a supreme science is nowadays seen with the narrow lens of the mean word “religion”. 

With Gita, people understand their source and the purpose of taking birth. They will have purity in thoughts, words and actions and will do only Dharmic deeds. They understand that God is not a name or form to argue with each other, but the ultimate supreme energy that embeds all of us within it and makes us experience whatever we wish and whatever we deserve with its Supreme MAYA. So with GITA wisdom, people of different paths can live in harmony, making the world a better place to live in.

Global peace with 10,000 Gita Bhavans.

D3Y’s aim is to give a housing solution to the middle class with No EMI troubles. Gita Foundation’s aim is to achieve Global peace by setting up 10,000 Sathsanghs (Gita Bhavans), one for every one million population by 2050. The Foundation’s objective is to take GITA Wisdom to over 5 Billion people by 2050.

So, to support GITA Foundation’s noble cause, D3Y Infra proposes to construct GITA Bhavan in their townships and hand over the same to Gita Foundation to teach Gita to people within and outside the community. 

Leaving some space for commercial tower and gifting a GITA Bhavan Conference hall to GITA Foundation is a serious recommendation from D3Y Infra and not a mandate. 

D3Y Infra and Gita Foundation.

D3Y for its association at the Director level with the Foundation combined with a strong will to give the cutting-edge intellectual dharmic philosophy got associated with the Foundation for mutual benefit on a voluntary basis. This association will make D3Y ventures unique and a choice destination for the people of the town and will set an example for other builders and communities to follow.

Gita wisdom through Gita Bhavans from 10,000 communities all over the world will detox all sorts of sectarian toxicity among people of different paths that will eventually lead to global peace. Gita Foundation, from the Gita Bhavans, will make people understand their true selves with Sankhya Yoga and the game of life with Karma Yoga.

20,000 Veda Pandits all over the world.

So, keeping the larger good in view, D3Y with the help of the Gita Foundation aims to have 10,000 Eco-friendly Vedic townships all over the world, 4,000 in India, 1,000 in the USA and 5,000 in countries outside India & USA, by the year 2035.

D3Y will take the help from  Adishankaracharya Advaita Peetams, Reputed dharmic organizations and other Veda pathashalas to recruit Veda pandits from their Vedic schools.  These 10,000 communities will host 10,000 couples (20,000 people) who are experts in Gita, Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Panchatantra moral tales. etc. These Ved pandits will ignite the inherent divinity in human beings with custom-designed inner engineering programs. They will also teach the oldest language “Sanskrit” to the world which can ignite the human intellect to its fullest potential.

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