Cooperative Housing and Sandalwood Farming Solutions


  1. Understand basics first: Please understand that we are not selling you a plot or flat. There are over 2 lakh companies in India that can deliver them to you. We are neither a real estate developer to develop layouts nor a builder to construct apartments.  We provide solutions to people, who cannot afford to buy their dream flat at today’s prices and who cannot pay huge monthly EMIs. We show you the way to get a flat by investing jointly with a few more members on the right land at the right place. 

  2. 20 times ROI in 12 to 15 YEARS: This is also a choice for smart people and senior citizens who intend to get huge returns (~20 times) on their investments in 12-15 years. So, if you fall into any of these categories, then d3y infra is the only place for you in this country. 

  3. Concept of Cooperative Housing: We advise people to invest in commercially viable land at places of the highest growth where villas are currently coming up. Such lands can surely accommodate apartments (attract builders) in the coming 8-10 years. The land owner(s) gets 33% of the construction space if this land is given to any developer. We all know that the builder constructs 1.5 – 3.0 lakh sft on 1-acre land. We consider 50,000 sft as land owners’ share to be on the safe side. If we assume 30 people to have stakes on the 1-acre land, then each one of them can get 50,000 sft / 30 = 1600 sft flat (rounded off).

  4. Watch our Videos: To understand the same, please watch a video from our MD to understand what cooperative housing is all about. Also, watch all 16 videos we gave on the other webpage of the same website to understand more about shankarpally and Mehtabkhanguda. After that, you may do your own research on this area.

  5. Doubts: We advise people to make a note of all their doubts and meet our executive Ms Reshma or Dr Nandini in person at our office. (8520933933, 8885231068). Outstation people may visit our office in person. If required, we will provide accommodation for them at our company guest house during their visit to Hyderabad.

  6. Amount: As we are looking for land around Mehtabkhanguda, where the current land prices are between 3.5 to 4.5 crores per acre, we can offer  Rs.150/- discount on the list price of Rs.1000/- per sft. This comes to Rs.850/- per sft (Rs.8500/- per sq. yard).  One may choose their investment for 1200 1400 1600, 1800 or 2000 sft Flats. An additional discount if any will be informed after finalising the site which will happen after 150 people register with us.

  7. When to pay?: The actual amount should be paid within 20 days of the first meeting with 150 members. We are hoping to have 150 members in this methodology in 2 months (August and September) and are likely to conduct a meeting in October.  So, one has to make payments and get the land registered most probably in November 2023.
  8. Registration Amount: We advise people to pay Rs.10,000/- against the non-refundable registration amount. 
  9. Housing Society: A meeting will be conducted and a housing society will be registered after the 150-member meeting.

  10. Site Location:  The site will be around a 4 km radius to Mehtabkhanguda on a road with BT Road access. This will be informed in the meeting.

  11. Registration: We shall register the land to the society within 10 days of the members making their payment within 20 days after the 150-member meeting.

  12. Rights on land: All the members will have equal stakes and rights in society and on the land. We cannot register the land separately in pieces to all the people because no builder will show interest in a land that has so many sale deeds.

  13. Role of D3yInfra: The role of D3yInfra ends on the day when it handover the total land parcel of land to the society after securing it with a proper fence, 24×7 security and cc cams. Thereafter, the society governing body should take charge of the land and see that the land is given for development no sooner after the RRR gets completed. 
  14. Developer in 8 years: The society along with D3yInfra will look for a builder who does the construction of the Vedic township as per the agreed terms between the members (society) and d3yinfra.

    Vedic Community Townships: Please understand that these townships are only for people from Dharmic Indic religions. Buying or selling flats to Avaidic people will be strictly prohibited in this community for a lifetime.

    I don’t need a flat in Hyderabad West. What to do?: After getting a Flat here in Hyderabad, one may sell the same and buy a flat in the place they wish to live with this money. The investors have to see where they can get the best price. 

    Can we do plotting and construct a small duplex house?: Absolutely No, as the members have invested in this land aiming for a Flat free of cost under the land owners’ share.

    We put an Idea before you to think and act: Kindly, do not ask us whether Apartments will come in Mehtabkhanguda or whether d3yinfra will assure the same. “Assurance” kind of words is an attempt to penalise us for the help we are doing to you to get a flat at 5-10% of its cost. So, kindly read our website, see all the videos on the growth that happened from Gandipet to Shankarpally in the past 10 years, understand the potential of the Mobility Valley Innovation cluster at Yenkatala Village (12km after Mehtabkhanguda), understand what happens after Radial Road 7 gets operational, understand how this area will transform into after completion of RRR etc and judge all by yourself. We believed and proposed the same to you and now it is up to the Investors to use their own analogy. 


    Problem: Everyone is depressed despite their possessions. Solution: Gita Wisdom.

    Keeping in view the decline of dharmic values and lack of knowledge of the self, purpose of life and ethics in the society that is leading to depression in all sections of people, D3yInfra proposes to develop Vedic townships all over India on a cooperative basis. We wish to do one at Hyderabad or Vijayawada and set the same example and enable other people across India to replicate the same – all by themselves with a little help from d3yinfra. So, any member investing in this EMI Free Housing must belong to any of the Indian Dharmic religions.

    All the flats that members get in future and the flats builders develop should be sold or rented only to people from Indian spiritual philosophies that see God as omnipresent and omnipotent that resides equally in all living beings. All the flats that the developer sells should be subject to the acceptance of the bylaws of the society that embeds Vedic wisdom within the community.

    There will be a Lord Shiva temple within the community along with GITA BHAVAN. One Flat per every acre will be reserved for Gita Teachers, Purohit, Ved Pandits etc who will teach Bhagavad Gita to inmates as a life skills and character-building course. So, the members should understand that this is a community township only for people with Indian spiritual philosophies.

    Stress-Free Township – a Gist for an understanding

    D3yInfra recognizes that most of the women’s time is being absorbed by working in the kitchen. This becomes a second job for educated working women making them more stressed. Even for non-working women, it is becoming a 24×7 job and also becoming an extremely difficult job to cater for the different tastes and cravings of all the family members. To reduce the stress for women, d3yinfra proposes a restaurant within the community to minimize the kitchen work in addition to all other standard amenities.  With this move, women can focus more on their children’s education and other office work.

    D3yInfra also recommends the society reserve 6 flats for MPC Tuition teachers and construct 6 Big Evening Classrooms (7-11 pm) to teach students from 9th standard till +2 (four critical years).

    D3yInfra also proposes to reserve flats for an in-house Karate teacher, Chess teacher, Kuchipudi teacher, Shuttle coach, cricket coach, public speaking and soft skills teacher to engage the children from 4-7 pm and full time on weekends.

    D3yInfra strongly believes that if people are given the knowledge of self with Bhagavad Gita, if women along with Gita Wisdom are freed from kitchen work and if children along with Gita Wisdom are taken care of in terms of sports, morals and school education from 9th to +2, then the community can be stress-free and blissful. D3yInfra’s primary focus is to create Global Citizens that will become assets not only to their parents but also to society at large.


    1. D3y Infra has seen many land bits in and around Yerragondapalem, Tripurantakam, Markapuram, Podili, Kanigiri, Pamuru and SR Puram (Cumbam Forest Range) areas where the soils suit for Sandalwood farming. After checking the soil type, approach roads and distance from National Highways, Water facilities etc, we have chosen a land 13km from Kanigiri towards Pamuru. Here we intend to develop up to 500 acres of Sandalwood farms in 5 phases. We are offering the highest possible discounts for the phase-1 customers (first 100) which is valid for people who book before 14.7.2023.

    2. Prices. We offer 25 cents farmland with 100 sandalwood plants originally priced at 8 lakhs for 6 lakhs, 50 cents land with 200 plants originally priced at 12 lakhs for 10 lakhs and 1-Acre with 400 plants originally priced at 24.2 lakhs for just 18 lakhs.

    3. We are offering this with a mere margin of 20% on the final costing, while others sell for a 400% higher price, along with taking a 30-50% share on sandalwood. Here, we do not take any share in the Sandalwood harvest. People may book immediately to lock the price and make the payment in 3 equal instalments.

    4. 30 Investor plots: In every phase, we offer 30 one-Acre farmland plots on a cost-to-cost basis. Meet us in person for this price. This is for the people who have ready money and are keen to get land on cost to cost basis.

    Procedure to pay for Investor Plots: One may pay Rs.10,000/- for Inevstor plots and keep the money ready. Once we get 30 registrations, we will give them 7 days’ notice to pay the amount in full. We shall register 1-Acre land within 30 days of making the payment. 

    Amenities and Maintenance: We provide all Agri amenities such as Power weeders, Tractors, Water bores, Power, Drip system, 24×7 security, Labor quarters, etc. D3y will also maintain the farm free for 3 months. The Farm owners’ society will later decide on further maintenance of the farm. We shall hand over the land 3  months after completing the registration. The farm owners association can maintain the farm all by themselves or D3yInfra will maintain the farm for 15 years, on a contract basis @ Rs.4000/- per acre. The maintenance charges for NRI farms will be Rs.800/- per month for 40 plants. 

    Understanding is an art and we expect it from our customers: To avoid taking 30-50% share from the investors and to avoid prices that range from 25-80 lakhs per acre on 1-Acre sandalwood farmland, we adopt a procedure where we gather people who want to have the best deal in the country, make them invest, buy the land with their money and give the customer the final product with a reasonable 20% margin. So, we expect the customers to help us make a one-time payment under the investor plot to enable d3yinfra to help you with least prices and pass on 100% sandalwood harvest to the customers. 

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